By HilariusJourney.wordpress.com|  From The Jakarta Post, August 19, 2015

TRAVEL consultant and blogger Kenny Santana says social media has become an integral part of his life Through it, he can share his passion for traveling with thousands of other travel enthusiasts – and even operate a travel business.

Kenny fell in love with traveling while he was studying in Italy in 2003, when he had the opportunity to explore European cities and write about his experiences in travel columns for various publications.

When Twitter started booming, Kenny began sharing his experiences through his personal Twitter account, @qnoy2k. in 2012, he set up another account, @KartuPos, which specifically discusses traveling. It didn’t take long for @KartuPos to gain followers and it soon became a reference for travelers around the world.

The account @KartuPos organizes various types of trips, including trips to overseas concerts such as stops on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, budgets trip to New York and Europe, London’s Harry Potter tour and a Brazilian Carnaval trip. It also frequently participates in talk shows, organizes online auctions and invites guest administrator to share their travel stories.

“My account @KartuPos is my life now and thanks to it I can work while touring and maintain full control of my own life,” Kenny, who quit his job to manage the account, said.

Here’s what Kenny says are his gadgets to tote all over the world: Cameras Easy-to-use features and image quality are the most important aspects I’m looking for in a camera. For adventurous trips, my choice is the GoPro Hero 4, while for regular trips I usually use a Samsung NX3000 as it can produce great pictures in all conditions.

Apple products iPhone 5s and Macbook Pro are two items that I never leave behind. On my trips, they become my workstation. I update my social media accounts and website from both devices.

I have Twitter and Instagram accounts, of course. When I go to remote areas, updating Twitter is no longer a problem as many tools now allow users to schedule tweets.

I also find Google Maps useful as it prevents me from getting lost. I installed Uber on my phone because it allows me to get a taxi fast, no queuing needed when I’m at the airport, for example. What’s also cool about it is that Uber can be used around the world.

  When you travel well, your trip can become more memorable, move meaningful, more rewarding. That’s why we continually strive to enhance your overall travel experience. Explore other travelers’ europe road experiences and share your own moments


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